Bluegrass Gospel

Hello Everyone,
I have been thinking about who would be the top “Bluegrass Gospel” entertainer if I was to pick?  The first thoughts that came to my mind was Doyle Lawson, James King and several others.  However I truly believe that Doyle has to be the winner.  He has won many awards and spawned so many successful individuals to go out there own including JD Crowe, Jamie Dailey and lots of others. It seems that Doyle and his group always have a great blend of harmony singing with songs that really deliver a message in a way that only gospel music can do.

Who would you vote for?  I have attached a you tube video of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.  Hope you enjoy it.  See you at our next jam.  Bill

Bluegrass Band Interview – Wildwood Boys

BB:  Hello and welcome to my first interview with a new band in town called the:  Wildwood Boys.  I know you will welcome some of these “seasoned” musicians.  It is always a pleasure to have folks share their musical beginnings.  The band is led by Dave Batson who many of you already know as the bass player for the Bluegrass Missourians and will continue to be.  Dave is branching out so he can play his banjo.  Hope you enjoy this interview.
BB: How did you band get started?
WWB: My son, my nephew and I played in a rock band together for several years. When that band broke up, I came back home to bluegrass.  To make a long story short, my son and my nephew wanted to learn bluegrass. We started getting together and jamming and pretty soon my neighbor from up the street and another old rocker started coming to the jamb.

BB:  What type or style of music will you be playing?  (traditional bluegrass or what?)

WWB:  Most of our songs are based on the older traditional style.  With exception of one song, our originals are done traditional style.

BB:  What is the total number of years of experience of musicianship in the band?

WWB:  About 275 years. I’ve been in bluegrass about a total of 18 years, the other guys about 2 years each.

BB:  Who are the band members and what instruments do they play?

WWB:  David Bullock – guitar, Nate Batson – mandolin, Tom Thiesen – fiddle, Chris Spriggs – bass and Dave Batson – banjo.

BB:  What are the vocals?  (who is lead, tenor, bass) or who sings harmony?

WWB:  David, Nate and Dave Batson take turns singing lead. We also sing either tenor or baritone when not singing lead. Chris sings bass.

BB:  Do you have any original songs that you sing?
WWB: Right now we have three; Ride The River, Stayin’ In Tune and Go To The Water. We also have a couple more in the works.

BB:  Do the band have a particular bluegrass artist that they like?  If so, who and why?

WWB:  Stanley Brothers, Flatt and Scrugs, Reno and Smiley. The old time, lonesome sound.

BB:  Who is your primary audience?  (in other words, what venues do you prefer to play?) 

WWB:  Any place that will listen and enjoy.

BB:  What is the contact information for bookings?  (telephone, email,  or website). 

WWB:  For bookings or information contact;  Dave Batson – 816-358-6025
If you get a chance, make sure you contact them for some bookings.  They have some really good family type harmonies.  I am sure you will be very pleased!