It’s time for Home Grown Tomatoes (no kidding!)

.Early Girl TomatoesHello fellow bluegrassers.  You may be wondering what home grown tomatoes has to do with bluegrass.  Actually, there is a song called Home Grown Tomatoes written by Guy Clark.  I was first introduced to this song by Joe Wilkerson who is a regular attendee at most of the jam around the KC area.  The video below is a rendition by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.

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Hope you enjoy the video below.  By the way, the home grown tomatoes in the image is from my own garden.  The brand is “early girl”………….so why did it take so long?

A song about a dancing Ookpik?

Hello music friends.  You may be wondering what this particular posting has to do with music.  Well, it goes like this.  Today in Canada, there is a well known icon or mascot symbol that represents all types Canadian made crafts.   The symbol itself got its start in the early 1960’s and is an image of a cute little owl called an Ookpik.  Several children’s books have been written about this furry little creature and his adventures.  In addition, there are perhaps thousands of souvenir owls created that get displayed in several different shapes and sizes.  Almost all that I have seen has these characteristics:  he is cute, furry, large head and big eyes.  They are typically made from wolf fur or seal skins.   To give you a better view of the Ookpik, please click this link:  Ookpik Images

By now, you may be thinking….”Ok, I get it, but where does the dancing part come in?” The dancing part comes from a fiddle tune waltz that was written by the late British Columbia fiddler, Frankie Rodgers.  His song is titled:  “Ookpik Waltz”.  It is a beautiful waltz that is enjoyable to listen to and gives you a very relaxed feeling that makes you appreciate what was going through Mr Rodgers mind when he composed this wonderful piece of music.  To hear the song played by a young girl you can watch the video below:

I hope you enjoy this fiddle tune.  So now you can appreciate the title of this posting.  Can you imagine yourself dancing to this beautiful song (with a stuffed Ookpik).   Have a great day!