If Instruments could Talk!

Hello friends. For quite some time now, I have been collecting pictures of “stringed-instruments” in my Pinterest account.  If you click here:  Stringed Instruments  you will see a variety of creative instruments with strings from across the world.  If you like what you see you can click the follow button and you will receive notifications every time I add a photo.  Most of you are musicians and wonderful listeners as well.cropped-100_0911_edited-11.jpg

If only our instruments could talk!  What would they say?  I know what my banjo would say to me >>>> Play me more!  This is one reason, I always keep my instrument out of the case and setting on a stand in my home office.  Can you figure out what your instrument would say to you?  If I use my imagination, my instrument might also say something like:  “I  wish you would clean me up a bit and change my strings it would create a better sound for you”.   Or maybe it might say:  “It sure is dark in this case, I wonder if my owner really cares to shed some light on me”.   Oh yes, how about:  “I wish you would get a new belt, that buckle is scratching me where I don’t itch”.   Or how about, “I wish you would wash your hands so you don’t dirty up my neck or head”.

I hope you have enjoyed the instruments photos.  I love being creative!  Have a great week and hope so see you at the next jam.


Fallen Leaves

Hello everyone,


Fall 2013

Hope you are enjoying the fall weather and beautiful trees. This time of the year reminds me of a song by Grandpa Jones.  Below is the attached video.  This song has a wonderful message about life, friends and the future.  Hope you enjoy it as you listen to the message in the song.  This song starts out with a man standing at a grave site. Old songs like this one are classic of the powerful ways individual think about life.  We can learn lots of lessons about how important is it to care about others.  Grandpa Jones presents a powerful testimony about life’s relationships and about caring for others and ending up with more friends at your grave site than the fallen leaves upon the ground.  Below is the you tube link: