Fall is full of small town Festivals – Have some Fun!

Hello everyone.  Fall is here and we are having the best stretch of weather since I can remember.  Warm days and cool evenings is just perfect for getting outside and sleeping good at night.  I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy this time of year.  Fall is always full of so many activities, like small town festivals.  I recently went to Arrow Rock, Mo for the first time to their fall festival.  Arrow Rock is a sleepy little town of “79” people  and is nestled in some small rolling hills with several bed and breakfast in old historic homes.  The town is about 10 miles west of Boonville, and North of I-70 about 11 miles.  Any visit there is like stepping back to the 1850’s and it gives you that peaceful feeling of a more simpler life.  It is a great place to take pictures of many historical buildings.  The fall festival is always the second weekend in October.  It is a typical festival where you can hear the old time music (see photo of Missouri Town Band) while watching the cloggers click there feet to the beat of the music.  There are many interesting crafts including pottery, painting, spinning, quilting and lots of good food especially the baked goods (my favorite).  If you are interested in learning more, click here for some additional information:  Arrowrock, MO