Happy Bluegrass Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello everyone.  Today is mother’s day and I hope each of you are spending some quality time with your mother or at least thinking about her if she has already passed away.  It is always good to reflect on who we are based on the influence of our mother.  There are many traditional bluegrass songs about mothers.  One of my favorite is:  “I If I could hear my mother pray again”.  The title and lyrics are just wonderful.  Of course it has been recorded by many popular artists as well.
According to wikipedia, “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again” (1922) is a popular gospel song written by John Whitfield “Whit” Vaughan (1879–1945), as a tribute to his own mother, Clara Beady Burgess-Vaughan. The words are based on a text by James Rowe, an English settler living in Georgia during the early twentieth century. A 1934 recording of the song by Thomas A. Dorsey was selected in 2007 by the United States’ National Recording Preservation Board for preservation in the National Recording Registry.

One of my other favorites is“I heard my mother call my name in prayer”.  See the inserted video of Ricky Skaggs singing this song in 2003.    Again it is a wonderful song with a great message for those of us who has lost their mothers.  Of course there are many songs in the bluegrass genre that are about mothers.  You should go to youtube and just google bluegrass songs mothers and you will find a variety of them for your enjoyment. 

Have a great day!  Bill