Heartland Jam is now Closed……..read more

Hello fellow jammers.

After nine years of continuous jamming, we are ending the Heartland Jam on the 4th Friday of the each month.  This means there is not a jam in August or thereafter.

It just so happens that our main contact, is moving on to the Northland and no longer attending Woods Chapel Church, so the facility is no longer available without paying someone from the church to open, clean and close the building.  Based on our existing relationship, the charge is reasonable, but it is more than we receive in voluntary contributions each month.   As most of you may know, we are not an official bluegrass club that charges an annual membership, so we do not have the funds to continue.

So we (John, Dave, Bill, Carl) unanimously decided to close the jam and take a break from our volunteering.

If someone else is interested in starting another jam, just let us know and we could help get you jump started.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who has come and supported the Heartland Jam.  Hope to see you all at some of the other jams starting up this fall.   I plan to continue the website for awhile longer during this transition.  I will also post this notification on the website:  Heartland Jam Link

PS:  Please help us out by letting anyone you know that does not have email about the closing.

Best Regards,

Bill, Dave, Carl, John