Hey, get out of that Winter Boo Hoo!

Hello everyone.  I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say, “I am tired of all this cold, snowy weather” because it makes me discouraged as I am an “outdoors type person”.  However, the best way to get out of the winter duldrums is to call a few friends and invite them over and host a “mini-jam”.  You might be surprised how uplifting that can be.  That is what I love about Bluegrass music.  It really takes your mind off all the things going on around you and lets you just enjoy the moment, enjoy your friends, and forget about “winter”.  As you can see from the picture people have been have mini-jams for a long time.  Give it a try!

Whoever coined the phrase term “music is good for the soul”, must have an appreciation for life. It won’t be long before our next jam and I hope you are making plans to attend as we want folks of all ages to enjoy the music so invite your friends.  Our next jam is March 25th, the fourth Friday of the month!