It was in the Spring… Picking Outdoors

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Hello Everyone.  It is so nice to finally be making the turn to warmer weather from such a long, long winter.  Now that Spring is definitely in the air we can look forward to a lot of new activities including the typical “Spring House Cleaning”, flower and garden planting to get us jump started.  However other tasks also come up, like “yard mowing, trimming and blowing”.

However there is also one of my favorites:  Outdoor Picking.  Being outside to just get some fresh air is always a good thing.  But when you add some bluegrass music it just makes it so much better.   The Kansas City area is very fortunate to have so many talented musicians that support the Bluegrass genre of music.

If you are new to bluegrass venues, you will find some very interesting characters and good folks that love to listen, play and fellowship with others.   There is quite a catalog of bluegrass tunes with a wide variety of topics.  A song for every season, you might say which is why I selected this video today of a very popular song entitled:  Sitting on Top of the World.  I hope you enjoy this outdoor picking!.