New Local Musician Interview Coming Soon!

Hello fellow jammers,  I added a couple of pictures that I thought you might enjoy. The second one is of a creature that was wondering through my back yard.  His name is Buck he doesn’t come around very often, so I thought I better get a picture.  A little later I found out that he was really looking for his female friend.  Oddly enough he found her and they hung around for about 30 minutes as he was courting her.  She wasn’t too interested.  Anyway, when you see a couple that were meant for each other it reminded me of my next interview that I will be posting.   See below for more info……

Very soon you will be reading my first interview of a local “duo” team.  I am sure many of you know and have seen them around at a few of the jams.   They are wonderful people and good musicians and add a lot to any jam circle.  Can you guess who they are?  Be checking the website frequently as I plan to post the interview real soon.

Secondly, I attended HABOT last Friday up North and WOW was it a great time.  There were a lot of good pickers and good bands playing.  It was a lot of fun.  I would estimate about 300 people attended including the listeners. 

Hope you to see you at the “Picking in the Heartland” jam this Friday, Feb 24th.  This jam starts at 6:30pm and is scheduled for the 4th Friday of the month all year long, even through this summers, so come on out.