November Jam yields a good size crowd +Upcoming News…

Hello Everyone,
Our November Jam was a lot fun and many thanks to all who attended and those who brought the snacks.  We had four full rooms of jammers and listeners.  I consider that mighty good considering it was the day after Thanksgiving.  Congratulations to Janet Loveall for winning the dual Blugrass CD pack.  She is getting pretty good darn at winning.  You may also click on this link to view all the pictures taken by Frank Vail.  Here you go:  November Jam Photos
Also, I wanted to announce that there will be more Musician Interviews coming soon.  You should find this next official interview interesting as it will be our very first female bluegrass musician interviewee.   Can you guess who that will be?

Also don’t forget to attend the Kansas City Area Bluegrass Club this Friday, December 9th.  and the Missouri Town Christmas on Saturday, December 10th.  Plenty of fun things to do, so I hope to see you there.

Lastly here is good video of the song:  Cold Sheets of Rain performed by Clay Jones in the key of B.  Hope you enjoy it.