Spring and Outdoor Picking – a great combo!

Hello everyone,

WOW! Did you know that Spring officially begins this year on March 20th?  With the mild winter we have had I can already see some transformation in my yard.   If you look around you may even see a daffodil blooming as noted in my picture.  The bradford pear trees are getting ready to “pop”.  Spring is all around us.

This is always encouraging because before too much longer we can go outside and do some outdoor picking.  In another month I think I will grab my banjo and a couple of friends (yes, I have more than one) and have a mini-jam outside just for fun.  It goes like this;  pick and play, take a break and enjoy some hot banana nut muffins with hot coffee, and back to jamming, then repeat.  How much fun is that?  The only problem is that the cool weather is tough on the instruments, not to mention our fingers.   Spring jammin’ is really fun and
helps pull us out of the winter (what winter?).   What gets you off the couch and outside?  Take advantage of the upcoming warm days and do something constructive to enjoy life.

Don’t foget to attend the annual spring HABOT youth talent show in April because it is always fun to watch and see all the new talent coming on the scene for future generations.

Speaking of HABOT, don’t forgot to attend the next meeting this coming Friday, March 16th.   Click here for more info:  http://habot.org     It is always the largest recurring Bluegrass event in the Kansas City Area.  Hope to see you there.

Other news, more interviews coming soon!  This next interview is with very nice guy and he has a lot of talent.  He plays a variety of instruments but tends to focus on the mandolin.  Can you guess who it is?  Keep checking back as you will find out real soon.

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Boom Chick,