What exactly is a demi-john?

Hello everyone.  If you have been around any Bluegrass jams you most likely have heard someone sing a very traditional song entitled: “Hot Corn, Cold Corn”.  The song uses the phrase “bring along the demijohn”.  So what exactly does it mean?  In my opinion for the purposes of this song it is referring to a large bodied jug with a short neck which would be used to store some homemade corn liquor. Sometimes the demijohn bottle is encased in wicker. 

However, according to Wikipedia  it has a more precise definition which is:  “In brewing, a carboy is also known as a demijohn. It is a glass or plastic vessel used in fermenting beverages such as wine, mead, and beer. Usually it is fitted with a rubber stopper and a fermentation lock to prevent bacteria and oxygen from entering during the fermentation process.”

When I first heard the song, I thought they were singing, “bring along a “jimmy john”, which even confused me more.  But I finally got straightened out when I read the lyrics.  Another challenge is to sing Hot Corn Cold Corn three times at an upbeat tempo.

“Hot Corn Cold Corn” is an interesting song to sing and play.  So if you have not tried it check it out.  Many believe it is a Flatt and Skruggs tune, but I am not sure.  Here is link so you can hear it.
“Hot Corn Cold Corn”

See you at our next jam on April 29th!!