WOW !! What a kick-off. Everything but the fireworks !!

Andrew – 10 yrs old

Hello everyone and thanks for attending our “official” kick off jam in the new location.  We had over 40 attendees and five different rooms open for picking.  It was so much fun for me and from what I could tell it looked like everyone was having a great time. 
The facilities were fantastic and thanks to those who brought the “goodies” as they were delicious along with the coffee.   We were able find a good location to hang the banner and it looked great!

  Congratulations to Don Alison for winning the two free CDs.  We will be providing a free drawing each month, so don’t forget to get your free ticket.  Don seems to have the magic touch of our drawings, but even without it, he is a winner anyway!

It was nice to see several members of the KC Bluegrass Club in attendance as well.  Please come back!

We really had some hot, and do mean “hot” picking in one room in particular thanks to Lucas Albright, Monty Parker and Harvey Heidbreder.  How do they play that fast?  One secret I learned is subtract twenty years off your age, ha ha ha, in my case try 25 years. 

IMPORTANT:  Due to good Friday, Our next jam will be on the 5th Friday which is April 29th.

It was nice to see some new faces as well.  I received several positive comments from the participants as I think people were very glad to be able to get out a pick, laugh, sing and have a good time.  Just maybe next time the weather will be warmer.  Is it really Spring??

Thanks to the Frank Vail, the photographer for taking the pictures:  Here is the link to view all 85 of them:

See you at the next Jam as we continue “Picking in the Heartland”.